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Credit Card Consolidation Loans

A great way to quickly handle high interest credit card debt consolidation is through an unsecured, personal loan to pay off credit cards. Most banks will evaluate your credit worthiness and assign you an interest rate that reflects their assessment of your current ability to pay. Doc2Doc thinks differently. We understand what it’s like to be in your shoes and the stigma doctors face when thinking about taking on even more debt. That’s why Doc2Doc takes into account physician-specific metrics not considered by traditional banks to develop an interest rate that actually makes sense for your situation.

Applying is simple and takes only a few minutes. You’ll speak with a member of our medical leadership team who has been through similar issues and can talk to you about your situation, your options and next steps. At Doc2Doc, we pride ourselves on developing stress-free solutions to help physicians get back on their feet. And we don’t charge pre-payment penalties, so if you are able to pay your personal loan back early, you can save even more money.

Doc2Doc is a smart solution to handle credit card debt consolidation and get your focus back on your patients, so apply today!

Loan Programs

Doc2Doc Personal Loans are tailored to the unique needs of doctors. Designed for doctors by doctors.

In-Practice Personal Loans

As a doctor, you have invested a great deal of time and money into your education and career. At times, unexpected expenses or financial needs may arise that require additional funds beyond your current budget.

In-Training Personal Loans

At Doc2Doc, we recognize doctors have unique and evolving circumstances while in training. That’s why we’ve designed our personal loan products to provide maximum flexibility.

J-1 Visa Personal Loans

We’ve extended our personal loan programs to J-1 visa holders. In-training doctors with 3 years of training or in-practice doctors with a J-1 visa waiver are eligible to apply for a personal loan.

Bridge Personal Loans

Our Bridge Loan offers a unique solution to support doctors who are nearing the completion of their training. The bridge loan is available to doctors who anticipate graduating in 6 months and have an executed employee contract for physician or dental services.

Our Personal Loan Standards

At Doc2Doc, we have designed our lending process to be simple and transparent. Based on our experiences, and of those of our colleagues, we have found that doctors value the following when choosing a lending institution.

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