FAQ Category: Personal Loans for Physicians

Doc2Doc Lending conducts a soft credit pull that will not affect your credit score when you Apply for a Personal Loan. If you accept and sign your final credit agreement, we will request your full credit report, which is considered a hard credit pull and may affect your credit score.

Our Hybrid Loan option offers the most flexibility with lower payments during the first half of the loan, consisting solely of interest. In the latter half of the loan, the payment increases and comprises principal and interest. This option is only for in-training doctors.

Our Standard Loan option offers equal monthly payments for the entire loan comprised of principal and interest.

Apply for the maximum amount you would like to borrow and plan for the unexpected. You can always pay your loan back early with no prepayment penalties.

Some expenses to consider are the costs associated with moving including a moving truck, boxes, movers, security deposits often 2-3 months of rent, utility deposits, and incidental expenses.

Consider the timing of your first paycheck. Your first payment may be due on your loan before you receive your paycheck.

Your first payment is due 30-45 days after you receive your funds.

Funds are disbursed on average within 7 business days of your loan being verified and a final credit agreement has been signed.

As a Financial Institution we are legally required to verify an applicant’s identity. We use third party tools to help us meet this requirement.