Doc2Doc Leadership Team

A unique collaboration between doctors and financial service experts, dedicated
exclusively to serving the financial needs of doctors.


Zwade Marshall headshot

Dr. Zwade J. Marshall, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Kenton Allen Headshot

Dr. G. Kenton Allen, MD, MBA

Board Member and Brand Ambassador

Management Team

Josh Lumbley Headshot

Dr. Josh Lumbley

Head of Member Engagement

Chris Cronk Headshot

Chris Cronk

Chief Financial Officer

CTO Headshot

Kevin O’Brien

Chief Technology Officer

Katie Miller Headshot

Katie Miller

VP of Product Strategy

Chris Boynton Headshot

Chris Boynton

VP of Operations

Rachel Allen Headshot

Rachel Allen

Director of Customer Experience and Engagement

Arianna Howe Headshot

Arianna Howe

Director of Marketing

Aaron Pisacane headshot

Aaron Pisacane

Director of Credit and Risk

Jessica Saunders Headshot

Jessica Saunders


Sherika Ekpo Headshot

Sherika Ekpo

Head of Human Resources

Randy Schmidt headshot

Randy Schmidt

In-House Counsel

Judy Chan Headshot

Judy Chan

Senior Operations Manager

Martha Turley Headshot

Martha Turley

Senior Operations Manager

Robel Betre Headshot

Robel Betre

Operations Manager

David Anderson Headshot

David Anderson

Portfolio Manager

Kevin Boyle Headshot

Kevin Boyle

Senior Compliance Consultant

Strategic Advisors

Tim Flanagan Headshot

Dr. Tim Flanagan

Nicolas Makhoul Headshot

Dr. Nicolas Makhoul

Kyle Moyles Headshot

Dr. Kyle Moyles

Christopher Robinson Headshot

Dr. Christopher L. Robinson

Dr Eric Tait Headshot

Dr. Eric Tait

Jason Yong Headshot

Dr. Jason Yong

Fabrizio Balestri

Fabrizio Balestri

Paula Blomquist Headshot

Paula Puleo Blomquist

David Schnabel Headshot

David Schnabel

Emmanuel Smadja Headshot

Emmanuel Smadja