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Reputable company with thorough yet prompt delivery of services. Very competitive interest rate with understanding of Physician debt and earning potential.

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For 4th year matched students who apply by 6/30/24 with an approved and funded Doc2Doc Personal Loan.
*For funded loans. Restrictions apply, visit the website

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We developed a proprietary underwriting model that considers both doctor-specific metrics and credit profile to determine your rate and eligibility. Unlike traditional banks that focus on debt-to-income ratios, we value your profession and take into account your specialty, training program, and awards earned during medical or dental school. This unique approach makes us the ideal choice for physicians and dentists.

Eligibility Requirements:

You are eligible to apply for a Personal Loan if you meet the following criteria3:

The Loan to Help You With Match Day

4th Year Medical Student

We’ve designed these loans to provide maximum flexibility to help medical students achieve their goals.

Flexible Payment Options: The choice is yours!

Hybrid Payments: Lower payments in the first half  of the loan (just interest). For the second half of the loan the payments increase (comprised of principal and interest).

Standard Payments: Equal monthly payments for the entire loan (comprised of principal and interest).

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