Moving Loans for Physicians and Residents

Moving loans are extremely common for residents, fellows, dentists and doctors at all stages of their careers. Moving is expensive! Moving family, dogs or even just furniture, the costs add up and you are rarely ready with that kind of cash on-hand.

Relocation loans help physicians cover those large upfront costs. Even though we can’t help you lift your couch, we can help lift your finances throughout your move and beyond. Cover your moving costs, deposits and new purchases – and once settled, pay the entire loan back with no pre-payment penalties!

Apply With No Credit Score Impact

Applying for a Doc2Doc Physician Loan only includes a soft credit pull which will not impact your credit score.^

You will get your physician-preferred rate quickly. Then you can figure out how much you could be saving every month by paying off high-interest credit debt.

Apply to Cover Your Relocation Expenses

^ If you accept and sign your final credit agreement, we will request your full credit report, which is considered a hard credit pull and may affect your credit score.

Lower Interest Rate

Credit card debt can range from 16% up to 26%! With a physician-preferred interest rate on your doctor loan, you can avoid racking up credit card debt during your move.

Improve Your Credit Score

Having a great credit score can lower your deposits and new monthly rates after you move. Using an ‘installment loan’ (Doc2Doc personal loan for physicians) to pay off ‘revolving debt’ can significantly improve your credit score.

No Prepayment Penalties

Once you get settled in your new life, either pay the loan off as expected or use your signing bonus / new salary to pay the loan off whenever you want. We won’t charge you for ending your loan early!

We provide moving loans to residents, fellows, dentists and doctors every day to make one of the most stressful times a little bit easier. Take a few minutes to apply and then talk with a member of our team to find a solution that best fits your needs.

Get a Relocation Loan Today!