Doctor loans that are simple and transparent

At Doc2Doc, we have designed our lending process to be simple and transparent. Based on our experiences, and of those of our colleagues, we have found that doctors value the following when choosing a lending institution:

Low interest rate
Fast application process
Speed of delivery of funds
Option to pay off loan early without penalty

Interest Rate

We give you credit for being in a trustworthy profession. Our underwriting process includes factors like your specialty, training program and awards earned during medical/dental school that we use to lower your interest rate. This makes Doc2Doc uniquely suited for physicians and dentists compared to traditional banks that penalize you for your student loan debt, your low income during residency and the financial challenges that affect so many doctors in the early part of their careers.

We also understand that you are credit conscious and that your credit score may not be stellar at this moment in time. Instead of a hard-credit inquiry, our application process uses a soft credit pull that will not impact your credit score.

Doctor loans with lower interest rates
Personal loans for physicians, by physicians


We understand how your financial situation changes as your career progresses. We have been there. We also understand that many financial products are advertised to you throughout your career. We aim to be the partner that empowers your financial future, rather than an institution that seeks to take advantage of your success. Through a clear and transparent process, we hope to earn our place as your lender of choice for your times of need.

Multiple Options

We designed our loans based on physician and dentist borrowing patterns that we discovered through interviews with colleagues across specialties and stages of their careers. We offer a principal and interest loan payment model. We also have a hybrid* offering which includes a period of interest-only payments, but believe that this will be the preferred option for only a few of our borrowers. See the Loan Detail page for additional information.

Doctor loans with flexible term options
Personal loans for doctors with fast delivery of the cash you need

Speed of Delivery

Our technology and platform was designed to accelerate the delivery of funds into your account. Typically this happens in a matter of days from the time of final loan approval.

Pay Back Early

Doc2Doc aims to empower doctors in their personal and professional lives through access to capital and allowing for the fostering of good financial habits, including the option of paying back debt as soon as you are able. As such, we have designed all of our loans so there is no penalty for early repayment.
Loans for medical professionals that are easy to pay back with no pre-payment penalties
*Hybrid loan offering is currently available for in-training doctors only.