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Eligibility Requirements:

You are eligible to apply for a Physician Finishing Training Personal Loan if you meet the following criteria:
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Are a resident or fellow physician studying in the United States
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Have an estimated program completion within six months of the application date.
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Have an executed employment contract for physician services with a start date within six months of the anticipated completion of your program.
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Earned an MD, DO, DMP or MBBS degree.
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Are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident or temporary resident holding a valid 0-1 or H-1B visa.
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Have a U.S. mailing address

Except for Maine or West Virginia residents where we don’t currently offer loans.

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I wish I would have known about them before

I’m a family medicine resident finishing my residency soon and looking forward to the attending salary. During the residency process, I was in a tight spot and I took out a high interest personal loan. I am now happy to be able to refinance it with Doc2Doc for about half the interest rate I was paying. Easy to work with and quick approval. They let me use my future income with their “bridge loan” program, and it was a very easy way to smooth out the transition to “attending life.”

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