Reduce Credit Card Debt using Physician Loans

Credit card debt can sneak up more quickly than most people expect. Carrying high-interest credit card balances is costly! Monthly fees can have lasting impacts on your credit score which can affect future rates for which you may qualify.

Doctors can reduce credit card debt by using physician-preferred personal loans, saving thousands of dollars while bringing significant peace of mind.

Apply With No Credit Score Impact

Applying for a Doc2Doc Physician Loan only includes a soft credit pull which will not impact your credit score.^

You will get your physician-preferred rate quickly. Then you can figure out how much you could be saving every month by paying off high-interest credit debt.

Apply to Reduce Outstanding Credit Card Debt

^ If you accept and sign your final credit agreement, we will request your full credit report, which is considered a hard credit pull and may affect your credit score.

Lower Interest Rate

Credit card debt can range from 16% up to 26%! With a physician-preferred interest rate on your doctor loan, you could be saving thousands of dollars by switching away from high-interest credit card debt.

Improve Your Credit Score

Using an ‘installment loan’ (Doc2Doc personal loan for physicians) to pay off ‘revolving debt’ can significantly improve your credit score. An improved credit score leads to lower interest rates, compounding your savings over time.

No Prepayment Penalties

Once you get your cash flow situation under control, you can pay your loan back without any additional fees.

We work with doctors every day to reduce high-interest credit card debt in favor of physician-preferred rates on personal loans. Take a few minutes to apply and then talk with a member of our team to find the solution for your needs.

Reduce Credit Card Debt Today!