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Match Day 2023: Personal Finance Tips for New Doctors

2023-11-14T04:45:15+00:00February 17, 2023|

Match Day is an exciting yet stressful time for new doctors. On Friday, March 17th, 2023, tens of thousands of medical students will get their results for residencies and fellowships. Reports shows that the 2022 Main Residency Match was the largest in NRMP’s 70-year history with 39,205 positions offered and [...]

Katie Miller Joins Doc2Doc as Vice President of Product Strategy

2023-11-14T04:38:05+00:00January 4, 2023|

Atlanta, GA - Doc2Doc, a leading LendTech company focused on the medical space, announces the hiring of Katie Miller as Vice President of Product Strategy. In this position, Ms. Miller will be responsible for scaling current product offerings & building new ones in an effort to meet growing market demand. [...]

Tax-Advantaged Retirement Accounts: Which is Best, Tax-Deferred Versus Tax-Exempt?

2023-11-14T04:32:34+00:00December 7, 2022|

Medical professionals considering retirement enter into a world of potential options, opportunities, and pitfalls on their journey. With so many options, however, it can be difficult to determine which is best for you. One common area that creates confusion—and potentially expensive inaction—is choosing between two different types of retirement accounts: [...]

How Medical Professionals Can Use Capital Gains to Lock In Tax Advantages

2023-11-14T04:40:11+00:00November 22, 2022|

As a medical professional working toward your financial goals, you’ve probably considered the idea of investing in stocks and other assets along with paying off debt. And, although markets fluctuate throughout the years, the long-term trends are typically up. That means, over time, you’re highly likely to experience appreciation and [...]

4 Long-Term Investing Strategies to End 2022 Well

2023-11-14T04:33:36+00:00November 15, 2022|

The final quarter of a year serves as an opportune time to consider your overall financial picture and what strategies you might employ in the new year. Medical professionals tend to have a complex financial picture, but one that can benefit them immensely with the right tools. One such tool [...]

3 Year-End Tax Strategies For Medical Professionals

2023-11-14T04:46:26+00:00November 8, 2022|

With 2022 coming to an end, tax planning will become more important than any time this year. While some may wait until the new year to come to think about their taxes, they may miss out on credits, benefits, and strategies that ultimately aid their financial picture for the current [...]

Doc2Doc Sponsors & Exhibits at the 2022 New Hampshire Medical Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting

2022-10-29T21:40:17+00:00October 29, 2022|

We are proud to sponsor, exhibit & attend the 2022 New Hampshire Medical Society's Annual Scientific Meeting from October 28-30, 2022. NHMS22 is a leading event for physicians featuring clinical issues impacting the Granite State and cutting edge research, along with personal finance, and professional practice management sessions. The meeting [...]

Financial Goals for the 3 Phases of a Doctor’s Career

2023-11-14T04:55:05+00:00October 17, 2022|

Setting yourself up for success financially is a no-brainer, but it’s especially true for physicians and dentists. You’ve dedicated your time, energy, and money into creating a life for yourself, so creating a stable financial base is crucial for guaranteeing long term stability, both professionally and personally. However, it’s not [...]

6 Questions to Ask a Lender Before Borrowing Money

2023-11-14T04:56:30+00:00October 10, 2022|

A loan is not necessarily a good investment. In fact, education is more expensive than ever, and physicians and dentists can't keep up with the rising demand for them. Fortunately, applications to medical school are also increasing, which means thousands more students searching for loans and pursuing their medical dreams. [...]

Flexible Loans for Doctors and Dentists: How to Find the Right Loan for You

2023-11-14T04:54:17+00:00October 3, 2022|

Graduation is incredibly exciting. You’ve learned valuable skills, built connections, and have prepared to establish yourself. Unfortunately, you also may feel frustrated at the process of getting loans. It may seem every choice is complicated and doesn’t quite fit your situation. That’s because most lenders treat you like everyone else. [...]

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