Physician Financial Education: How Do Loans Work?

A graphic with a "Diagnosing Debt" header, featuring a loan summary, amortization schedule, and a stylized flame with a stethoscope. The loan summary includes payment details and a pay-off date of September 2025.

Physicians on FiIRE featured Doc2Doc Lending Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Mike Hatch, in a series on physician financial education. He focuses on key financial lending terms, especially those beyond the student loans with which we are ALL familiar. Dr. Hatch dives into:

  • Explaining debt and risk
  • Educating on different types of debt (secured vs unsecured; installment vs revolving)
  • How to evaluate a debt agreement to help you make sound, financial decisions

Physician Financial Education: Understanding Terminology

We have also found that many physicians are amazing when it comes to identifying hypertension, DVT or Asthma; however, you’ll get blank stares if you ask how APR rates are calculated! If you want to avoid that feeling of getting caught in grand rounds without the answer, check out our common lending terms for a financial refresher.

Doc2Doc Lending prides itself on being the best lending platform for physicians and dentists with rates that make sense. And we aim to find the best physician financial education partners to help improve the knowledge of our community! Explore how Doc2Doc’s focus on smart interest rates, flexibility and physician-friendly terms makes it the best lending partner available!

Click here to review Part 1 in Physician’s on FIRE series on “Demystifying Debt: A Deep Dive into the Role of debt”:

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